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An Expert You Can Trust


Please allow me to introduce myself:


  Animals are my passion! I became involved with the care and training of domestic dogs and horses as a young girl.  I attended agricultural school where I learned to care for many kinds of domestic animals and worked at the local veterinary hospital as an assistant. By age nineteen I was training perfomance horses and I spent some time in Europe training and caring for exported reining horses. By this point I had become a veterinary technician as well, I still work  in the field of veterinary medicine parallel to my training services. This related career has influenced my personal growth and education as I have had constant collabobation with other trainers, veterinary personnel and Veterinary behaviorists.

 It was about 1990 when I decided to focus my career on the behavior and training of domestic dogs. I have to admit that I have been quite obsessed with it every since! I have attended and graduated as a certified trainer from Animal Behavior and Training Associates (ABTA). ABTA is now known as ABC and I have been an associate ABC mentor trainer since. I have mentored many bright ABC students toward their own successful careers in the field of animal behavior and training.  I frequently attend seminars and workshops myself and I have obtained various certifications that are respected in my field including CPDT-KA which is a national standardized test for professional trainers and the VTNE, which is the national certification for veterinary technicians.

  Canine Liaisons Behavior & Training Service was established in 1998.  I have spent thousands of hours teaching puppy, beginner and advanced obedience classes and have traveled with my clients everywhere as we work with their dogs in the real world. Above all, helping dogs with aggression and anxiety has been the biggest joy in my career. I absolutely love dogs with special needs and I have honed my skills and techniques to help my clients that struggle to live peaceably with difficult dogs. Over the past few years I have devoted much of my time to clinical behavior medicine as a behavior technician, wherein I assist a board certified Veterinary Behaviorist.

 My life and career with animals has been thrilling to me and I’m always finding better ways to improve the quality of life that people share with the dogs they love!


Jean L. Tomaselli

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