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She was bored!

I broke my foot on in early July 2014. Lowin looked pathetic, she hadn't had a walk in almost two weeks. My partner was too busy with work and school. This sad dog needed help. I never really taught her how to retrieve, she's not a natural retreiver anyway. I did it though, we played retrieve with two tennis balls. Lu as we call her, was no longer worried about my wheelchair. So I bounced the two tennis balls from the dinning room into the living room. She would happily get them but she had such a terrible time letting go of the balls. I'd hold out my hand with one ball where she can see it, I'd pause for sometimes what seemed like an eternity ,ready to mark the release and wing the second ball. She stood there like a cow chewing her cud with the ball right over my hand. Obsessivley chewing. obviously she likes the act of chewing the fuzzy green tennis ball better than my marker and toss. Oh well, if you witnessed the look of joy on her face when I say "wannaplay ball?", you would know that my walking buddy doesn't look so glum anymore!


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